VOIDWITCH – As The Sun Falls Dark

As The Sun Falls Dark

The debut release of Kentucky-based solo black metal artist Voidwitch presents a captivating experience of diverse symphonic and raw metal influences. Deeply personal; creating a rich tapestry of depressive emotions balanced by elegant motifs and esoteric meandering, As the Sun Falls Dark is sure to entrance even the darkest of souls.

As the Sun Falls Dark is sure to entrance even the darkest of souls.

Todd Odinson, the creator behind this project, often cites a broad musical influence on his work, far ranging as classical music to ambient Nordic hymns and even blackened deathcore production styles. Melancholic synth / orchestral intros lead into aggressively raw but even-toned production tracks that are weighty and immersive. Drums are wild and almost ambient in their backing quality, the rich chord stumming, trem notes and beautifully executed solos truly wrap this release in a dark fog that nestles deep in the heart. Todd’s vocals are both menacing yet deeply mournful across the record, a strength that will take his craft far.

A rare commitment to diversity in music absolutely translates to a unique but easily identifiable form of black metal on display here.

While quite short, but truly a broad sampling of his musical abilities, this EP is described as a representation of the struggle we face in a world wrought with avarice and indoctrination. Lyrics range from musings on the nihilism of self awareness, anger at the lax morality of authority figures, and fantasy escapism of ancient times.

As the Sun Falls Dark falls squarely in the best of underground black metal, with personal stake in the art form of the genre, future releases I hope will be longer with more concept unifying the release.

Released January 1, 2023


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