VESKA – Unbound

Veska - Unbound album art by Rotting Reign
Veska – Unbound album art by Rotting Reign

From the depths of the rustbelt regions of Pittsburg, comes Veska; a one man force of malice, hatred and highly innovative black metal. This year releasing a full length album entitled “Unbound” which adds to an already impressive discography of EPs, compilations, and singles.

The choice of album art on this release by Rotting Reign places this release firmly at home in the post 2020’s US Black Metal scene. Upon diving into the tracks contained within, a mesmerizing experience of uniquely crafted metal cements this as a top release of the year, and certainly Veska’s best to date.

A mesmerizing experience of uniquely crafted metal cements this as a top release of the year, and certainly Veska’s best to date.

Opening with the eerie sound of chains, mournful synth tones, and bleak thunder before wasting no more time blasting the stillness with blast beats, riffs, and furious vocals. The full display of Veska’s destructive energy is unfiltered here: unforgiving in it’s tone and pacing, slightly discordant yet menacingly thematic. A welcome touch of accessible vocals in a more doomy style add a very human element to this work.

The tracks find their way into more composed format than the initial impression, showcasing adroit riffs, and subtle picked melodies, the buzzsaw guitar leading with grizzled headbang worthy bridges in between the otherwise soaring refrains. As stated before, vocals are quite diverse for a release of this genre, one is never lacking in a fresh delivery style to shift the attention to.

By my own hand my bonds are broken! I will save myself, I need not a redeemer. For I am my own savior, I need not seek forgiveness. For I am my own absolution. I am my own beginning, and my own end. For I am my own master. My own devil. My own God!

– On earth We’ll reign

Incredible self awareness is on display in the deeply philosophical lyrical themes here. Described as being born of a vision of a world truly free, this album offers a path to liberation from the shackles placed upon mankind from birth. From all aspects both spiritual or mundane, the delusions of the world can be felt enslaving our souls at every turn.

“Unbound brings to the forefront that we have the power to break our chains and free ourselves. We need not seek any saving grace, for the strength to free ourselves lies within.”


Veska is precious amalgamation of a few divergent genres, the influences of each can clearly be seen in the creative output on this album such as Uada, and Watain, with more doom metal weight of Amenra and Paradise Lost.

Unbound will release worldwide on all major streaming platforms January 13, 2023.

Writing and recording took place from May – October of 2022.

Country: United States (Pennsylvania)
Genre: American Black Metal
Release Date: January 13, 2023
Label: Independent
All instruments – Veska

Veska Instagram –

Album Art by Rotting Reign


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