The Black Temple – Demo

The Black Temple, a blackened-death metal band hailing from Grand Rapids Michigan, has released a blasphemously violent demo. The profane mind behind this work of all-out death metal assault, Erik Stroude, is truly a force to be reckoned with; crafting musical abominations tirelessly within the bowls of his underground lair in alliance with Jonathan Rikelme on guitar.

The Black Temple features crushingly melancholic hymns wringing powerful emotion from the darkest reaches of the soul.

Production and execution across this demo is professional in the extreme, well-balanced and highly accessible. Downtuned chainsaw-toned guitars balanced to perfection with rhythmic vocal delivery and unrelenting blast beat drums.

“Altar of Rotting Flesh” is a pristine opening track, with a hypnotic refrain that lodges itself firmly in the soul, beckoning one to feel the very depths of pain & suffering.

In the vein of such legendary death metal acts as Deicide, Kreator, and Dismember with hints of blackened acts Belphegor and Immolation, The Black Temple’s reign of Midwest terror has only just begun.


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