CHAIN WOLF – Dark Premonitions

Dark Premonitions – the debut full length from Los Angeles blackened – crossover thrash band Chain Wolf is an animalistic and crushing work of genre-shattering extreme metal.

“Though clearly punk in conception, the sheer weight of rusty chainsaw tones, cavalcades of murderous blast beats, skin shredding solos, and mercilessly aggressive vocal delivery is unmistakably pure metal in its execution”

Bludgeoned by adroit guitar solos of 90s’ Priest level majesty, a dizzying array of Wylde-esque squeals and Pantera power riffs, Suidical Tendencies pacing and cross-over intensity, nearly every conceivable element of driving metal is in play to create a truly seamless full-length record.

Not a single filler track to be found across the 12 tracks of blissful annihilation, each song composed neatly with little to be found in excess or falling short of the attention.

“One finds it difficult to find a favorite track as each one delivers a punishing yet hypnotic listening experience”

For fans of black metal and thrash, this record will not only satisfy a craving for absolute sonic punishment, but may even open the door to further punk and crossover appreciation.

Chain Wolf is:

Chain: Bass/vocals
Punx: Guitars
Wolf: Drums

released October 21, 2022

PMM: Raul Cuellar @ Riff Audio
Artwork: Dante @deathlikeslumber
Layout: Jason Roberts @jasonvroberts


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