XEGREN – Spectral Incantations

Xegren’s Spectral Incantations

Forged in ice yet brought into a realm of brimstone and hellfire, Portland Oregon one-woman solo act Xegren ‘s long awaited release “Spectral Incantations” wields uniquely mystic and fantasy-based Depressive Suicidal Black Metal like a frostbitten warhammer from the most bitter reaches of existence.

Opening this unknowable portal of pain of agonizing experience, the album unveils melancholic synths that unnerve the listener before assaulting with cold, relentless, and chilling black metal.

Heartless and primal, yet accessibly produced, the mournful tracks beat a familiar path of pure nihilistic terror in the heart of the listener.

Down-tuned trem riffs, menacingly paced drums, and fiendishly delivered growls ensnare the subconscious mind with frightening efficiency.

Xegren’s work here is the ultimate realization of her musical vision over the last few years, truly grasping the depth, weight and power of DSBM. Tireless efforts on her part have delivered a record in the finest traditions of Noctural Departure, Xasthur, and Leviathan.

This is metal crafted to communicate absolute hatred for life itself, yet finding spiritual meaning and immense purpose in that very abyss.

Mining this fragile thematic balance with authenticity as Xegren has done here is rare, and is ultimately the unspoken beauty and mystery of the Black Metal genre.

Spectral Incantations was released August 14, 2022

Mixed and mastered by T.J of Cleansheets Audio

Written and forged into this realm by Mina M.

Gear used:

Schecter Omen Extreme 6 *modded*

Neural DSP Nolly *custom presets*

Audiobox by Presonus

Roland studio headphones

Bandlab audio for vocals


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