HELLMOON -Harrowing Domains

Conjured in Lunar Catharsis

Harrowing Domains, the long awaited second Hellmoon full-length from unholy Canadian one-man raw black metal entity PLÄÄG, has been violently set loose to destroy the very fabric of this mortal realm. It is a call for the end, a requiem for our realm headed towards absolute annihilation and certain doom.

The strikingly blasphemous artwork, conjured in lunar catharsis, in complete disbelief, disgust, nihilism and rejection for the clear and repulsive “human” agenda, sets a scornful and murderous spiritual tone for this work, opening with “Calignous Mysticism”

Howls of unadulterated hatred and menace, yet with a nearly undetectable layer of abject sorrow, carry the full weight of emotional despair and destitution on this record.

One’s very soul is immediately raped with brazen and hellish screeches overlaid like putrid spirits rotting on the icily thin riffs and muffled drums. Howls of unrestrained hatred and menace, yet with a nearly undetectable layer of abject sorrow, carry the full weight of emotional despair and destitution.

“Nightmare Spiral” continues this vision of reborn evil in the very finest traditions of Emperor ‘s “Wrath of the Tyrant” in it’s audacity to celebrate unfiltered madness.

Muddy and oppressive riffs throughout titular track “Harrowing Domains”, dig into very depths of the soul to mine only the darkest thoughts, regrets, and uplift them into their rightful place of pure experience. The unrelenting maniacal drums crush any and all obstacles of goodness into fine ash, to then be scattered to the four winds and beyond.

The final track concludes this monstrous release, with disconsolate tremolo riffs and vocals reminiscent of Mayhem‘s Attila, rounding out a fully expansive black metal experience on this record.

Hellmoon continues to be a devasting force in the North American Black Metal scene, not straying a single ioata from the core principles upon which Black Metal was founded, pure evil, darkness, despair, and celebration of the doom of mankind.

To all the slime and rats in this world, Fuck Off and Die!!!! (You know who you are…)


Hellmoon Bandcamp: https://hellmoon666.bandcamp.com/
Hellmoon – Instagram: @hellmoon.official

Rotting Reign – Hellmoon Logo Design/Album Art Frame Designer
Instagram: @rotting_reign
Email: metallist_caveman@hotmail.com

Eye And Ear Control Records: Digital Logo/Frame Design Edits/”Harrowing Domains” Photo Session Location
Instagram: https://instagram.com/eyeandearcontrolrecords

Chimera Photography – All Photo Credits/”Harrowing Domains” Photo Sessions
Instagram: https://instagram.com/x_chimera_photography

Jems Label
Harrowing Domains Release Cassette/CD
Jems Label – Big Cartel: jemslabel.bigcartel.com

The Call Of The Night
Initial Album Premier
The Call Of The Night – Instagram: @thecallofthenight
The Call Of The Night – LinkTree: linktr.ee/TheCalloftheNight


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